An open letter to the people who burgled us…

Ruth's Racy Adventures

First things first – if you think it’s acceptable to provide your girlfriend / mum / sister with half a bottle of Coco Chanel perfume or underwear with no tags on – it is not, so why you decided to add insult to injury by lifting those items from my house on Saturday night, I have no idea, but someone you know must have really low gift standards. In fact, they must have low standards altogether if they are going out with a thieving ass who drives around in a Silver Citroen people carrier. Yes, we saw you.

Let’s start at the beginning though shall we? Since 2008 when I graduated from University, I saved a couple of hundred pounds per month to save up for ‘the big things’ in life – a deposit for a house and my dream car, a Mini Cooper. Luckily, meeting my boyfriend Mark meant…

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